Our server runs solely on donations we receive from our players. Of course there are some things we give the those that support our server, except for a working public Minecraft server.

There's a simple bar showing how much money we've received this month, saying how far we are from having enough money to pay for the server. We also don't accept donations above $150.

Monthly progress so far...


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You will receive:

  1. < 9name on the list, advanced ping command
  2. 10 - 19golden name
  3. 20 >reserved slot, the option to change in-game text color
  4. Who are you?

    We just need your Minecraft username:

    Okay, now click the button to verify the information.

    All set!

    You are going to donate $30 under the Minecraft username Anonymous.

    Click the Donate button to make a one-time donation. Click the Subscribe button to set up a recurring montly donation.